(c-type print, 12x16", 2000)


"Trust is a series of photographs made in the last two years of the twentieth century. On the surface, it is very simple. Photographs of faces made in a documentary way: real people leading real lives, aware of the camera only as an incidental, seemingly uncomplicit in the making of the photographs. Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin have employed this deceptively simple methodology. They have studied the strange phenomenon of the face, pinpointed it as the centre of our beings, our primary means of expression, wondered at the changeability of this bizarre accumulation of protuberances, sockets, vastly differing surfaces of flesh. Their interest is almost ethnographic and, under their gaze, we become creatures."– Val Williams

Trust was published by Westzone in conjunction with a solo show at The Hasselblad Center, Sweden.

Going Under Film

Trust essay by Val Williams