Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin -The Prestige of Terror
Curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath pick their favourite pieces at Art Dubai

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Broomberg and Chanarin’s set of prints were created in Cairo in 2010 for an exhibition at the Townhouse Gallery that commemorated an artist collective that was founded in Cairo on 19 January 1939 and called itself Jama’at Al-Fann Wal-Hurriyyah. (The Art and Liberty Group) The Group comprised of a core number of intellectuals and artists who aligned themselves primarily with Surrealism. While many of the artists who were affiliated with the Group did not work in a Surrealist style, they seem to have been attracted, or at least sympathetic towards Surrealism’s leftist revolutionary project. Through the Group’s activities, artists could implement a number of both, creative and political projects alike, that resonated with a rejection of what they perceived as an imported salon-like artistic academicism endorsed by an oppressive Colonial/Monarchic regime and a conservative middle class bourgeois morality. The duo reprinted several slogans or statements they excavated from some of the groups publications on a printing press from the same period and presumably on the same paper on which the original pamphlets were printed.