Alias: Installation views
Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow PhotoMonth 2011

Brian O'Doherty, The Burial of Partick Ireland

Brian O'Doherty, Patrick Ireland

Patrick Ireland, Five Identities

Christian Jankowski, Posters for "My life as a Dove"

Zbigniew Libera, Somebody Else

Roni Horn, AKA

Kkarlheinz Weinberger, Intimate Stranger

Sophie Calle, Double Game

Blinky Palermo, 4 Prototypes

Ike Williams, Frank Palermo and Herman Taylor

Francois Marie-Banier, Frederic Bourdin

Salvador Dali, Portrait of My Dead Brother

Donelle Woolford, MoMA

Simon Fujiwara, Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Assume Vivid Astro Foucus, homocrap #1

Simon Fujiwara,  Welcome to the Hotel Munber

Roee Rosen, Justine Frank

Walid Raad, Hostage: The Bachar tapes

Joan Fontcuberta  

Bruce High Quality Foundation, Thank You New York Empire

Joan Fontcuberta, Bruce High Quality Foundation

Charles Freger, Légion étrangère, 5

Ahmad Sherif, To President Mubarak: Sankyoo

Roger Ballen, Die Antwoord

Roger Ballen  

Reena Spaulings, Belgian Marbles

Reena Spaulings, Flag, Flag, A Place in the Sun

Peter Weibel, Das Rad des Realen

Peter Weibel, Reena Spaulings, Gillian Wearing

Rrose Selavy, Matson Jones Custom Display, Man Ray, Ray Gun


Portrait of Fernando Pessoa,  Claire Fontain, Lester B Morrison

Jessica Sue Layton, Images from Housesitting Project

Jamie Shovlin, Naomi V. Jelish